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Coronavirus and Drinking Water and Wastewater

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How to Save Energy

Voluntarily curtail your energy use.

To curb the use of electricity and water, ZBPW has teamed up with the City of Zeeland and MI Energy Smart Incentives to make clean energy possible for small businesses and consumers alike. 

Zeeland is a proud member of the Michigan Public Power Association, participating in three Energy Smart programs founded on the idea of making energy-efficient choices more affordable for the consumer. Rebates on LED light bulbs, HVAC equipment, and ENERGY STAR® appliances help lower energy usage every month while encouraging consumers and businesses to do the right thing for the planet. 

To learn more about your Energy Smart opportunities, visit the Energy Smart Incentive Program’s website.

Utility Services


Our water utility purchases its water at wholesale from the City of Holland and operates its own distribution system. Over 2,800 customers receive more than 1.5 billion gallons through the power of local clean water.


Zeeland has been generating and distributing its own power supply since 1935. Our municipally-owned system operated under the direct supervision of the City Council guarantees a local and reliable combination of natural gas and wind power supplied directly to you.

About Us

The Zeeland Board of Public Works (ZBPW) is a municipally owned water and electric utility serving the City of Zeeland and its surrounding community. The electric utility operates 36,000 kilowatts of natural gas fired generation capacity located in or near Zeeland, owns entitlement shares of an additional 11,580 kilowatts of coal fired capacity from the DTE Energy Belle River Plant located near St. Clair, Michigan, owns an entitlement share of 7,060 kilowatts of natural gas fired capacity from the AMP Fremont Energy Center in Fremont, Ohio, owns an entitlement share of 2,281 kilowatts of a wind energy facility in Gratiot County, MI, and purchases power through the Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA). The water utility purchases its water at wholesale from the City of Holland and operates its own distribution system.

Did you Know You get Your Electricity From a Public Power Utility?


Join our team. We’re looking for honest individuals who settle for nothing less than superior energy and water utility service to power the Zeeland community.

When visiting us in-person, you are required to wear a mask. We ask that you respect a three (3) person maximum capacity in our lobby if waiting to be served . We're available 24/7 to restore electric and water services or respond to your emergency utility service needs. We encourage customers to conduct business via telephone, email, on-line, or drop-box payment. ALL TRANSACTION FEES ARE TEMPORARILY WAIVED. All other inquiries, please call 616-772-6212 or email at Thank you for your cooperation.