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Energy Waste Reduction and Renewable Energy Plan Summary Report

2018 Annual Summary for the Energy Waste Reduction and Renewable Energy Plan

Pursuant to the “Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act,” of 2008, also known as Public Act 295 (PA 295), the Zeeland Board of Public Works (ZBPW) is providing this annual summary of our Energy Waste Reduction (EWR) and Renewable Energy (RE) Plans for calendar year 2018. Michigan utilities are required to assist customers in improving electric efficiency through Energy Waste Reduction programs, increase the amount of renewable energy in the utility’s generation portfolio and provide an annual summary to customers showing the results of these efforts.


In 2018, the ZBPW saved over 3.82 million kilowatt hours of electricity through the Zeeland BPW’s Energy Smart Program™. A total expenditure of $476,061 with a budget of $541,417 for the 2018 calendar was utilized to attain these savings. The Zeeland BPW anticipates a similar expenditure of funds for the 2019 calendar year.
The program offered many opportunities for customers to save energy and money. Those opportunities included:

  • Residential incentives for purchasing ENERGY STAR® appliances, high efficiency HVAC systems and LED light bulbs.
  • Incentives were offered to residents for recycling old, inefficient refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.
  • Business customers were offered incentives for upgrading to equipment with greater energy efficiency, including lighting, motors, air systems, refrigeration, HVAC units, and building management systems.

This year, the Zeeland BPW contributed to the installation of LED street lights and LED lights in the downtown parking lots as an energy efficiency initiative.

To learn more, see the Energy Smart section of the Zeeland BPW’s website at or


Public Act 295 also required Michigan utilities to acquire 10% renewable energy by 2015. For the 2018 reporting period, the Zeeland BPW acquired 20,161,384 kilowatt hours of renewable energy, which equates to 4.74% of the utility’s total system needs. The Zeeland BPW has purchased Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) in previous years for use in the 2018 compliance year to meet the annual renewable energy requirement.

The Zeeland BPW currently acquires its renewable energy from the following sources:

  • Wind – In 2018, the ZBPW received from the Beebe Wind Farm operated by Exelon Wind in Ithaca, Michigan 6,280,020 kWh of renewable wind energy. In addition, the Zeeland BPW’s Helder Park wind turbines produced 28,933 kWh of renewable wind energy for the system.
  • Landfill Gas – In 2018, the energy received from the Autumn Hills – NANR Landfill Gas Facilities was 13,841,276 kWh.


PA 295 Section 45

  • The 2018 itemized monthly charge to a residential customer for implementing the Energy Waste Reduction program requirements is $0.50 per month.
  • For every dollar spent on Energy Waste Reduction programs, customers can realize an estimated savings of $3.51.
  • The Michigan Public Service Commission’s annual report on energy waste reduction and renewable energy can be viewed at the following website: