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Water Rates & Connection Charges

Water Rates

Readiness to Serve Charge

Monthly readiness to serve charges are based on size of meter used and does not include the purchase of water.

Meter Size (Inches)

Commodity Charge  $1.66 per ccf

* A ccf is one hundred cubic feet or approximately 748 gallons.

Fire Protection Charge

Monthly charges for fire protection are based on size (diameter) of each service line. The rate is multiplied by 1.5 if the service is supplied with a fire booster pump.

Service Line Size (inches)

Meter Costs

Water Service Application - New/Replacement

Tap Fees

Meter Cost – Effective July 1, 2017

Front Foot Charges

$30.00 per front foot or a minimum of three thousand dollars ($3,000).

Residential and agricultural customers’ charge is based on a maximum footage of 200 feet.


Residential – Single Living Unit: $750.00

Commercial – Industrial Per Acre Charge: $1,000.00

To view a complete listing of Zeeland Board of Public Works Water Fees and Charges See Schedule XI of the following Water Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regs for Water Service FINAL FY2020